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This cahier de DECLIC is totally devoted to WESTON exposure meters.
You will find the history of the brand and a description of the diffferent exposure meters made over the time, with working modes
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**** This publication is in ENGLISH ****

You will find in this "Cahier de DECLIC" the history of the cameras "LE REVE" from Girard et Boitte.


This publication is in French

Everything you wanted to know about "Stars" from Kodak. From the Starlet to the Startech.
This publication is in French.

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The whole history of Mundus, with probably all the cameras from the brand, which were bought during one of our meetings.

This "Cahier" is in French

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The CD-ROM of one of our members: You will find on this CD-ROM all the answers about how to measure the exposure time.
He propose on this CD a collection of more than 1500 exposure meter with history, explainations, working mode, ...
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This CD rom is only available in French